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  • Ambassador Yi Xianliang meets with Raymond Johansen, Governing Mayor of Oslo

    On November 25, 2019, Chinese Ambassador to Norway Yi Xianliang met with Raymond Johansen, Governing Mayor of Oslo. The two sides exchanged views on China-Norway cooperation, especially on local exchanges and cooperation.

    Ambassador Yi congratulated Johansen’s re-election as Governing Mayor, speaking highly of his contributions to the development of China-Norway relationship and local cooperation. Yi said, China and Norway share views on many issues such as climate change and sustainable development, while local cooperation acts as an important platform for implementing these consensus. He hoped that Oslo, as the capital of Norway, could continue to play its leading role in strengthening bilateral cooperation and promoting friendship among the two peoples.

    Governing Mayor Johansen warmly welcomed the Ambassador, saying that Oslo highly valued China’s important role in areas like climate change and its experience in metropolitan governance. Oslo has been actively developing its relations with China for a long period of time, carrying out numerous cooperation projects in various fields including green industry and technological innovation, and is willing to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China in the future.

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