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  • Cyber Security:We Need Cooperation other than Political Manipulation--Chinese Embassy's Statement on the Claimed Cyber Attacks

    In this afternoon, the Norwegian side suddenly claimed that the cyber attack of March on the Storting's email system is originated from China, with no prior communication to verify relevant information with the Chinese side. In the mean time, a group of other western countries and organizations also made accusations regarding cyber security aiming at China. It is reasonable to question and doubt whether this is a collusively political manipulation? We hope that the Norwegian side could provide facts and evidences, so as to facilitate the efforts to find out the truth.

    China is a staunch defender of cyber security and has always resolutely opposed to and cracked down on any form of such behaviors. Article 27 of the Cyber Security Law of the People's Republic of China provides that, no individual or organization may allow to conduct any activity endangering cyber security, such as illegally intruding into any network, interfering with the normal functions of any network, and stealing network data. Relevant illegal activities will be punished by criminal law. In fact, PRISM and other similar cases have proved that no transnational cyber attack originated from China.

    Given the virtual nature of cyber space and the fact that there are online actors who are difficult to trace, we must underscore the importance to have enough evidence when identifying cyber related incidents. We have requested and are waiting for the Norwegian side to provide evidences for today's claim. We are willing to cooperate with all relevant parties, based on facts and evidence, to jointly combat illegal activities in cyber space. At the same time, we strongly oppose baseless accusations and smears towards China and politicizing relevant issues.

    Safeguarding security and stability of cyber space serves the common interests of all countries. China is an active advocate of international cooperation in cyber security, we put forward the Global Initiative on Data Security to further promote and strengthen global cyber governance and jointly building a community of a shared future in cyber space. During State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to Norway last August, Chinese side provided and elaborated on this initiative to the Norwegian side. We are still expecting constructive suggestions and advice from Norwegian side. Cyber security requires cooperation and collective effort other than political manipulation, we look forward to working with international community including Norway, to jointly foster a healthy and safe global cyber space.

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